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Rieves Foundation makes grants to individuals, groups and organisations that support sustainable initiatives aimed at people, planet, prosperity and partnership. Sustainable development is about ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come. Our goals are based on social progress which recognises the needs of everyone; protection of the environment, prudent use of natural resources, and supporting employment and economic independence.



The end of March 2021 saw us complete our first financial year as a charity focused on sustainable development. It was a challenging year for us, as it was for so many. Once we’ve completed our audit we look forward to making our first set of grant awards for our new programme pillars.

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This is a sample of just some of the grants the charity made when its focus was supporting children, people affected by cancer, and sports. 

  1. A £2,000 grant was made to the Marie Curie Research Wing at Mount Vernon Hospital. This was to contribute towards a new state of the art scanner used to detect breast cancer in particular.

  2. Since 2006, The Little Princess Trust has provided free real hair to children and young people, up to 24 years, who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other conditions. We granted £1,750 for the provision of 5 wigs for children and young people.

  3. A grant was made to Designability to provide a Wizzybug for a physically disabled child.  These amazing electric chairs are used with adult supervision and give children a feeling of freedom in a fun looking chair. We granted £4,250.

  4. The Carers Trust works to improve support, services and recognition for those living with the challenges of caring (unpaid) for a family member or friend. We granted £2,000 to take 20 young carers for a day out.  

  5. We provided a grant of £2,000 towards the development of a Farm Project for special needs school Welcombe Hills School in Stratford-upon-Avon. Children learn about food and where it comes from, as well as animal welfare and how to care for animals and the land.

  6. The Level Trust helps families overcome the costs of education so all children in Luton have the chance to love learning. We granted £2,000 to support children who needed this help.

  7. At the age of two, Summer was diagnosed with the rare neurological disorder, Rett Syndrome; a condition which can cause severe physical and mental disability. Summer was unable to walk and we granted £4,561 a specialist trike to be made by Demand which helped Summer gain independence.

  8. The Handicapped Children’s Action Group provides specialist equipment for children with disabilities, learning difficulties and other special needs. We granted £3,459.

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