our purpose

To make a real difference to people’s lives through creating a more sustainable world.



To make sustainable living achievable for all.


We build partnerships and run charity shops to support sustainable initiatives. Whether we’re raising income, working in collaboration or giving grants, we’re guided by the need for “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland Report).

Ten guiding principles

  1.  We're open and transparent about everything we do.

  2.  We’re flexible, responding to circumstances and changing context.

  3.  We seek to make grant applications straightforward and low impact.

  4.  We will fund running costs and project costs, including over the long term.

  5.  We especially favour small, local organisations.

  6.  We endeavour to maximise the effectiveness of our funding.

  7.  We make robust assessments of organisations and funding applications.

  8.  We take a proportional approach to monitoring and evaluation.

  9.  We always aim to minimise the charity’s overheads.

  10.  We provide strong stewardship of the charity’s assets and reputation.

our future

We plan to grow our network of shops and to incorporate some of the essence of sustainable development in our next shop. We also anticipate developing further partnerships so that we’re not only delivering sustainable solutions by grant-funding them but also in how we work.

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