How we got here

Rieves Foundation is a grant-giving charity set up by Steve Lyons and Richard Cockburn (the founders) in 2013. The foundation existed to benefit from their businesses for the purpose of making small local grants to a range of causes including cancer care and childrens.

A change in activity in the founders’ businesses in 2016 meant the foundation’s income source ceased, but in 2019 the trustees agreed to take on three profitable charity shops managed at cost by the founders. This decision was taken in anticipation of expansion, so that the charity could increase profits for charitable distribution.

The founders proposed a significant opportunity to the charity in 2020 through their Re-Fashion business. This meant the charity reviewing its activities and agreeing to focus on sustainability, a passion of Re-Fashion’s which is shared by all of the trustees. 

The founders stepped down as trustees for a year to avoid any appearance of blurring of lines or conflicts of interest, but after taking advice we're delighted that the way has been cleared for them to rejoin. We look forward to building a bright future for the charity as we move forward in 2021.

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